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Moral Reasoning--a word from Rev. John Nelson

John Nelson was pastor at Church on the Hill from 2016-2019. He recently wrote an article for The Berkshire Eagle on the Dobbs decision that overturned the constitutional right to an abortion, which you can see here. It's worth the time it takes to read, and shows careful reasoning which must have taken considerable time to write.

Linda Greenhouse seems to have thought so. Winner of a 1998 Pulitzer Prize and reporter on the Supreme Court for The New York Times from 1978 to 2008 and contributing Opinion writer from 2009 to 2021, Greenhouse had an essay published on July 24 which mentions John's article. You can read that here.

As exciting as it is to see someone you know elevated to such a lofty platform, it's all the more a pleasure to have someone from our community and our confession contribute seriously to a debate that is of pressing importance to millions of people in our country.

Thank you, John, for your thoughtfulness, seriousness, conviction, and care.

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