Gathered in 1769, we have a long history in this place, but we look forward to a long future as well. We seek to serve for the sake of the good news that God is love, Christ is risen, and the Holy Spirit makes real God's reign in our midst. We long for Lenox and our wider community to be blessed by our presence, and we invite all who would to join in our common life. 


Led by the Holy Spirit, we are committed to being Christ’s disciples in the community,

speaking words of truth,

holding out a vision of justice,

acting in mercy,

serving for the common good,

demonstrating forgiveness,

living resurrection,

and abounding in joy.

We worship on Sundays at 11 AM in the meetinghouse. 

We gather around the Lord's Table for communion on the first Sunday of each month.


We baptize those who seek an outward sign of the inward reality that God loves each and all, and sets us to good purpose that God's aim of wholeness for all creation might be manifest in our lives. 

We serve for the sake of God's justice in our time, that life might abound and joy might reign.

We gather to manifest God's love in Lenox and beyond.


We follow Christ as he is the true sign of God's way in the world--self-giving love.


We rejoice in the Holy Spirit by whom our aim is realized in time.


We regard scripture as authoritative, one means of revealing God's will and truth.


We commune with one another in sacrament and fellowship as a foretaste of God's coming kingdom.

Come; taste and see that the Lord is good.

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Rev. Liz Goodman
Pastor & Teacher

Liz has been pastor here since 2019. She also serves as pastor at the Monterey Church and is a lifelong member of the UCC. 

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Charlie Fitzhugh

Charlie has been with Church on the Hill since 2018. After 33 years with the postal service, he returned to his earlier vocation. Come listen!


Jack offers childcare during worship. A future teacher, he's eager to hone his skills. Come and play.

Mark Farrell

Mark joined our team in October 2020. A filmmaker and comedy writer, he is a creative problem-solver who believes in the power of community to make life better. 

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Jenn Beaudry

Church on the Hill's longest time employee, Jenn brings commitment and depth of knowledge to her work. 

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