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M A S T E R  P L A N N I N G

For this video, we give hearty thanks to Mark Farrell for creating and directing this, Justin Allen for his drone footage, and Alchemy for allowing us use of their wonderful "Hop Aground." Buy a copy of their CD "Turning of the Hour" today!  To see the video in a more flexible format, click here

2023: From Big Picture to Nuts and Bolts

In January 2023, Robert Harrison, of Berkshire Design, joined our project. An architect with whom Church on the Hill has had a long working relationship, he helped break down the big plan to more strategic steps and likely costs.

And please note, these images don't indicate the pews as moveable. But this is still the plan, to have new though traditional pews that are more comfortable than what we have now and that can be moved.

Even this? --->

Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 5.45_edited.jpg

Yes, we're going to fix even that.

But what will all this cost?
Compared to what it's worth...
2020: Our 251st Year
Where We Are and Where We'd Like to Be

A working group interviewed several architects, and eventually hired one, to assess our buildings and help us work up a master plan. James Hundt, of Foresight Architects, spent several days in September 2020 on site and then in December presented us with his findings and his proposed plan.

To see the recorded Zoom meeting of Jim Hundt presenting his firm's proposal for our sanctuary, click the picture to the right.   ---->

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