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Just Start

It's often asked, how do you start praying the labyrinth? After a few weeks of having a labyrinth in my life (this is Liz writing, the pastor of Church on the Hill), I've realized you start by starting.

This is entirely too easy an answer for someone like me--and maybe like you. I like to be prepared for things.

This means, once the labyrinth was finished and always right there, just outside my office door, I decided first I should read some books about walking the labyrinth, praying the labyrinth.

So I did. I read three.

Then I sat inside the chapel where the labyrinth is--sat on the floor on a pillow, sat on chair.

Finally, I just decided to walk it.

And for a few days after that I did the same--one day quickly, one day slowly, one day with a busy mind, one day with music playing in the background to quiet my mind.

Today, I walked the outside of the labyrinth, three times round, clockwise. Then I walked the labyrinth. Then I walked outside the labyrinth three times round, counter-clockwise.

Really, the best way to start is just to start. The best way to walk it is simply to walk it. Guidebooks can guide you. Meditation books can give you a good way. But you could also just walk it, and see what happens, which maybe nothing will, or maybe something will.

Come and see for yourself. Look for the open door and the big sign. Then come on in and just walk it.

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