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Emily & Cody Get Married!

This is Liz, the pastor, writing with the news that Church on the Hill’s lifelong and beloved member Emily Chin got married on Saturday, February 29. Cody Johnson is her lucky now-husband, and together “the Johnsons” have settled into their new home in Pittsfield following what was a lovely wedding ceremony and celebration.

The Faculty and Alumni Club of Williams College was the perfect location for its accommodating the whole event in one venue. As it was a cold day (February, after all), once everyone was gathered in, they were all too happy to stay. Nearly a hundred guests, family and friends of recent making and of long ago came together from as close as North Adams and as far as Austin and San Diego. Even Emily’s grandfather (Amy’s father) and her two great-aunts made it, which at around 90 years of age, was no small thing.

It was a combination of tradition and quirk—Emily in a white wedding gown and a purple veil, bridesmaids gathered close even while Emily and Cody mixed a cake before the congregation, symbolizing their sweet venture together. They wrote their own vows and managed to make each other weep for joy, not to mention quite a few others as well.

I officiated, an arrangement from before Church on the Hill called me as pastor, which I was delighted to do. I didn’t stay for the murder-mystery-reception, but I gather everyone survived.

What a way to begin life together!

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