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Sermon--Breaking the Fourth Wall

Be careful when it comes to trying to see Jesus. It could really scramble your life. If you decide to go ahead and do it, here's a prayer to get you ready.

Gracious God, we gather to be in your presence, to witness your good work and to hear your compelling word, and to be transformed by our proximity to your power and grace. Grant that these all might be so.

But grant something greater, too. We would be as an audience to your godly performance, but you would have us perform the works of the gospel as you do and even things greater than these. We would be as spectators to the spectacle of your Son, walking on water, making bread and fish abound, healing the sick, making the lame whole again. But you would have us be participants in the drama of your unfolding realm in our midst. We would be passive recipients, but you would have us active for your sake.

Forgive us that we avoid such decisive action. Forgive us that we avoid such divisive conviction. Forgive us that we hope to have it both ways, or all ways, rather than just your way, though your way is the way of love. Forgive us that we mean for a life that comes at no cost to ourselves, and bless the confession in this regard that we offer now in silence.


Mighty God, bless us with courage for the living of our days. Grant us resilience to withstand times of trial. Fill us with your word and Spirit that we might speak forth truth when it comes to us to do so. Lay claim on us that we can only be your people even when paths of least resistance spread before. Help us to walk in your way. Help us to live by self-giving love. Help us to journey faithfully with Christ even in these short days that lead us to the cross. It is in Him whom we pray. Amen. 

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