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A Message from the Past

Mike Osterhout, an artist based in the Catskills, was in touch with the following note and photo:

This is a photo of the Osterhout family taken by their adopted grandson photographer James VanDerZee. David Osterhout was a sexton and janitor at The Church of the Hill. From church records I found nine Osterhouts buried in your cemetery. This very large Dutch family out of New York’s Catskills had an African American branch in Lenox. I am 13th generation, still living in the Catskills. I am an artist and have been working for a number of years on a project that traces family lineage, including the Osterhouts of Lenox. 

Would it be possible to recognize these Osterhouts in some way at your church, possibly a plaque on a window or pew, planted tree or youth scholarship? I know this is a tradition in some denominations. Please let me know what options I may have. Thanks for your time, Mike Osterhout

If you have an interest in pursuing this further, be in touch with the church office. Liz has been in contact with Mike and plans to be back in touch with what ideas we generate.

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