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Help for Ukraine

Thanks to Arthur, one of our members, we've had the chance to send direct aid to people in Ukraine. Arthur has worked with ballet companies in Eastern Europe and therefore has many ties is that beset region. Here are photos from three households to which we've sent aid--Oleksii's, Mihail's, and Vlad's.


Oleksii in costume.


A new costume.


What they're up against.

Mihail in costume.

We would like to thank the Church for this financial assistance and support of our country. We will spend this money on furniture, because of the war we moved to live in Israel. Here we rent an apartment. It's empty now. But thanks to your help, we will be able to buy beds for children. 

In a shelter as the war begins.

I am Evtushenko Vladislav Igorevich, I live with my family in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine!  I have not seen my loved ones for 3 months since I sent them to Bulgaria due to the fact that it is not safe in Ukraine!  I can’t leave on my own, they don’t let men out!  My work has stopped and I cannot earn regularly as it used to be.  I want to express my deep gratitude to your church for your help, it means a lot to us many thanks from our whole family, to you and all the people who made donations for all Ukrainians!

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