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We're of course familiar with the mission travels of St. Paul, who carried the gospel through the ancient Near East and across the Mediterranean Sea. But our own Paul Carter is regularly "refiring" his life by taking his modern-day mission travels. Currently he is visiting our neighbors in Mexico, and writes the following: 

I was so taken by my visit to Mexico on my way to Costa Rica this year, that I decided to stay. I was introduced to the city of Guanajuato (GTO), and fell in love immediately. It is an old colonial town that has maintained it's character as "Mexican," and has not been flooded with ExPats. 

Nearby is San Miguel de Allende, also an old colonial town, but with much more of an ExPat presence. I go there on the weekends for the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, and for running my seminars. I spend most of my time in GTO. 

Here are links with a little information in English about each city, in case you want to put a blurb about my travels in the electronic newsletter:


San Miguel de Allende:

My best regards to all at COTH. I miss you, and look forward to seeing you again when I return in October.



And for more, visit Paul's blog:

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