Lenox Preschool News!

The preschoolers have been very busy raising money for the Syrian refugees through St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Pittsfield!

One of our summer camp families is from Syria, and the mom also happens to be an amazing chef. Fadia felt the need to help the people in her homeland through her gift of cooking. This fall, Fadia began cooking amazing Syrian and Lebanese delicacies in her kitchen, and delivering them to people at their homes. She needed to find a way to do this on a larger scale, and so the "Eat to Feed" fundraiser was born. 

The preschoolers helped out by distributing flyers, hanging up posters at local shops, and holding their own fundraiser for the cause. Lenox preschool was able to donate $500 to the refugees, as well as a silent auction gift certificate for a summer camp week and a 90-minute deep tissue massage! 

Each month the preschoolers pick a different mission, and work to make a difference in the world. From baking bread for the Baking Angels to coloring cards for residents of Kimball Farms, holding food drives for the local food pantry, or holding a secret Santa Paws Animal Shelter gift exchange for Sonsini Animal Shelter, the preschoolers are working hard to find ways to give back to the community and to make a difference in the lives of others.

What's next? This March we will begin our Heifer International fundraiser! Please keep an eye and ear out for some of the many fun events that we will be holding throughout the spring to support the cause.

Lenox preschool families, children, and staff are so grateful to the Church on the Hill Community for their continued collaboration, support and enthusiasm for these outreach endeavors. We are teaching stewardship of the Earth and each other one child, one heart, one hand at a time.

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