Four Freedoms March, January 7th

4freedoms.jpgThe 4 Freedoms March on January 7th is an excellent opportunity to gather as community united, marching for freedom of speech and religion, freedom from fear and want, against bigotry and prejudice. The March and Rally is planned for January 7, a day after the 75th Anniversary of FDR's landmark speech in 1941 first stating the Four Freedoms to the 77th Congress.

Date: Saturday, January 7

Time: 12:30-2:30pm

Location: The march will begin at St. Joseph's Parish on North Street at 1:00 PM, proceed to Park Square, and finish with a rally inside First Congregational Church on Park Square. There will be various speakers including James Roosevelt III, the paternal grandson of FDR.

Length of march: 30 minutes approximate walking; rally at First Congregational Church will begin approximately 1:30pm

For more information: call Sherwood Guernsey 413-499-3520 for questions, or email

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