Baking Angels

Witness of Inspiration

offered by Courtney Gilardi Coco in worship, 20 November 2016

Every year, the preschoolers participate in an outreach ministry, not set out by a church group, but by the Berkshire Realtors. One member, Lisa, started the Thanksgiving Baking Angels to provide low income Berkshire area families with homemade pumpkin, zucchini or other seasonal bread on Thanksgiving.  

Last year, they collected 1,500 breads, and this year, today, between 1 and 3 pm at South Congregational Church, they are expecting over 2,000 breads to be delivered to the food pantry.

I’m inspired by the children at the preschool who are so excited to participate in this ministry. Around this time each year, I am met with the enthusiastic question, “Ms. Courtney, are we going to be angels today?” Each child brings in an ingredient. One child brings the flour, another the pumpkin, one the sugar, another the eggs. Each morning, after our morning meeting, we wash hands and gather at the table to begin the process of tuning zucchinis and walnuts into Angel Bread. The children, even though they are only three and four years old, know that love is the most important ingredient. In addition to learning how to measure ¼ cup of sugar and a ½ cup of pumpkin, learning how to be patient in waiting for their turn to stir, and learning what Ms. Barbara taught them - that if their batter is sweet, their bread will be sweet - they are learning that each one, no matter how small, can do a profound act of kindness.  

Today, I will line up with the 300 other people today to deliver their 10 loaves of bread and remember that when these loaves are distributed along with the cans of corn and cranberries and frozen turkeys to our local families in need, that these loaves contain the love of our littlest angels.  

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